We’re thrilled to update you on the latest developments at New Internet Media (NIM) and how we’re revolutionizing the world of financial services with a firm focus on copyrights and royalty transactions.

At the heart of NIM lies our exclusive administration of copyrights. We collaborate closely with our white label partners, whether CMO/PROs, music labels, publishers, or individual songwriters and artists, to boost their revenues swiftly and significantly.

Technology at the Forefront
By offering our cutting-edge technology platform in a white-labeled environment, we ensure that our partners receive optimal financial benefits. Efficiency and affordability are the bedrock of our service delivery model.

Proof of Content: Our Unique Offering
All NIM services revolve around what we’ve dubbed “Proof of Content”. Simply put, if you’re providing content, you get access to our services at no cost. However, businesses seeking to utilize copyrighted content must pay a fee for the privilege.

How Does it Work?
Copyright Licensing: DSPs such as Spotify, YouTube, and other customers access the licensed content using our Royalty Tokens (ROY), making copyright flow as easy as music streaming.
Reporting: The reporting gives real-time access to licensing data that can be used, for example, to trade or fund the next project.
These systems pay for access using NIM Utility tokens (NUT) and Royalty Tokens (ROY).

Our Revenue Model: NIM charges transaction fees from royalties transactions in ROY and administration fees from data access in NUTs.

The real artist-centric-licensing model
Internet Music Fans are run by Fans-2-Artist LLC in Deleware USA (more information later), and all music is licensed through YouTube. However, the artist can encourage their fans to subscribe; almost 80% of the subscription and a healthy part of the advertising (guest players) goes directly to the artists/band. This is an addition to “normal” royalties payments.
See examples from The Boys catalog https://internetmusic.fans/the-boys

Experience Our First CopyrightChains Demo
We’re excited to introduce our first demo of CopyrightChains. You can explore it here (https://copyrightchains.com/demo/. This platform is a demonstration and educational tool for songwriters, artists, and their representatives.

A Sneak Peek into Internet Music Pro
Our platform, https://internetmusic.pro/, aims to liquidize and monetize copyrights, primarily masters/recordings. Once fully functional, it will be tradable on all NFT markets, such as OpenSea. However, the current version is exclusive to our marketplace. Check it out!: https://internetmusic.pro/all-nft/.
Please note: If you register with Polygon, the UMT can be sold on external marketplaces.
We are separating the Holder of the Copyright (receiving royalties) and the Creator of the Copyright!
And yes, we’re using ERC20 test tokens from https://faucet.test.copyrightchains.com/.

The Copyright “investment model”
See https://internetmusic.io/copyright-offer/ for an example of royalties investment.
NB! It’s a demo with demo currencies.

NIM Exchange Update
While https://nimexchange.com/ remains in closed beta, we’re pleased to announce the inclusion of NIM’s CopyrightChains in the test version, with NUT as its native currency.

We will be able to offer seamlessly transfer of USD and Euro into any bank account to and from crypto through our USA partners. More later…

All owners of NIMPIs will receive the first dividend payouts on the 22nd of December at 4:30 a.m. 2023.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!