Your music fans money


Tired of hugging the middlemen?

Unleash the possibilities through Internet Music that enables the fans to give direct financial support to their artists and songwriters.

It enables artists and creators from every genre, indie or major, to thrive on equal terms.

The combination of traditional streaming plus direct Fans-2-Artists streaming creates a more predictable and significant royalty income.

Internet Music Royalties Income(IMRI)

Combining Internet Music’s user-centric, fan-based royalties and distributing content as a service allows users of Internet Music to be their streaming service.

Internet Music transfers royalties in the same way music is distributed — instantly, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Shared advertising income

It’s only fair to share the advertising income.

Artists and creators can get paid for each stream played (aka user-centric licensing). Internet Music has taken this to another level by including income from advertising and distributing this in addition to the royalty payments.


The service is based in the USA and follows the Technical-focused Bill 38 that has been in effect since July 1, 2021. 

That pivotal legislation allowed Wyoming to recognize Blockchain-based companies (DAOs) as Limited Liabilities Companies governed by smart contracts based on advanced technology. 

The law affords DAOs the same rights as any other limited liability company.


Core services.

Internet Music uses Spotify’s and YouTube’s API to access the music. 

The music is YouTube played unless it’s locally uploaded and under administration by Internet Music. YouTube still pays its agreed royalties.

Fans-2-Artists and the relationship between songwriters and artists make it possible to provide an additional service where fans directly support their artists.