The below is a working example
showing the capabilities of CopyrightChains

This example shows how investing in composer Guy Fletcher’s Fallen Angel to could boost your financial portfolio and how NIM’s CopyrightChain technology enables it
With the potential for royalty earnings to be based on the number of Tokens you own, this investment opportunity aims at ultimate returns by streamlining the royalty payments and transfers.
This demo working example shows the pre-sale offer and registration process of the right to receive royalty payments from the selected works.
After the pre-sale period, it will be tradeable on the NIM Exchange (and/or other approved exchanges) at a market price.
[tokenico-presale id="637"]
This is the opportunity to invest in Guy Fletcher’s “Fallen Angel” as a unique musical work, which would also include all other derivative works and versions and let all the other versions (from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons to the latest Broadway success, The Jersey Boys) to provide the Token holder with royalties.
NB! The right to receive royalties is restricted to one (1) year only. However, it can be extended on request.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons