Proof of Content (PoC)

A copyright owner or copyright holder (acting on the owner’s behalf) can earn royalties and/or raise capital for new projects through NIM’s services.
Both are using NIM’s technology platform called Proof of Content.
CopyrightChains are now set up with a complete test environment. They can be used to learn a new way to maximize royalties from your copyright. You will not use real money but specially developed NIM tokens during the test. You are free to make mistakes and learn without any financial risk.

MetaMask is a browser extension that acts as a crypto wallet, allowing users to interact with NIM’s applications on the CopyrightChains directly from your browser. Once installed, MetaMask enables users to manage, transfer, and receive NIM Tokens. You can see it as a bridge that connects you to the CopyrightChains and NIM’s ecosystem simply and securely.

Remember, MetaMask is a powerful tool, but managing and securing your assets comes with it. Always keep your seed phrase safe and secure, as losing it could result in losing your funds.

CopyrightChains are like ledgers that record transactions. They are spread across many computers, so no single entity controls the data. Anyone can view the transactions, but they can’t be changed once recorded.

Faucets are like taps that give out free NIM Tokens to educate and demonstrate the use of CopyrightChains. You can get NIM Utility Tokens from the NIM faucet to experiment with transactions on CopyrightChains.

Explorers are websites that allow you to search and view transaction details on CopyrightChains easily. They provide interfaces to see the blocks, addresses, and transaction histories.
So, if CopyrightChains is a public canvas, the faucet gives you free paint, and the explorer lets you zoom in on any spot on the canvas to see the details.

However, you must set up CopyrightChains so your Metamask account can talk to NIM’s services.
This can be done automatically in the faucet (Get practice money button) or the explorer (Transparent reporting button) below and then by clicking on

Manually by adding to the Metamask Network setting.

ChainID: 11490
Native currency: NUT

NIM Tokens are created for stability
NIM tokens are based upon the world’s biggest intrinsic markets, Internet content, and the royalties the Internet brings to the copyright holders.

Native Testnet Token

When NIM tech teams build CopyrightChains, we create a testnet for Copyright owners and holders to experiment safely and learn without finial risk.

Native testnet tokens are fake tokens used to simulate financial transactions on a testing version of CopyrightChains.

The test tokens have no value and are distinct from the real cryptocurrency that will eventually be used on the live blockchain.

NIM Utility Tokens (NUT)

NUT is designed for long-term supporters. It is non-transferable as it directly relates to the content ingested into CopyrightChains.
NUT is a feature in CopyrightChains whereby holders can participate in the governance system and be used by partners in the NIM ecosystem by staking CREATIVES into NUT.

ERC20 Token

ERC20 is a common standard for implementing tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. It defines a set of rules that all ERC20 tokens follow, allowing them to work seamlessly together.

In CopyrightChains, we have deployed copies of popular ERC20 contracts onto the testnet. These copied contracts allow the creation of test versions of tokens like DAI, USDC, ETH, AVAX, etc., that mimic how the real tokens work.

We have copied the contract code of DAI, USDC, USDT stablecoin, ETH, and AVAX to the testnet. This creates fake tokens that can be minted or transferred for testing token-related functionality.

The copied tokens have no value since they only exist on the isolated testnet version of CopyrightChains. It provides a way to simulate the integration and handling of ERC20 tokens without needing real money.

Imagine being able to support your favorite musicians in an innovative new way – by investing in their songs just like you would invest in a property. With Unique Music Tokens (UMTs), this is now possible.

UMTs are digital assets representing legal ownership of specific songs, secured on the blockchain. Fans can purchase UMTs to support artists financially directly. UMT owners can also generate revenue by leasing usage rights to the song, similar to renting out a property.

Through smart contracts, UMT owners can dictate rental terms and automatically receive monthly royalty payments shared with the artist. You could put a hot new single up for lease, just like an apartment!

This empowers fans to engage with their music collections in a new way. Musicians benefit from upfront lump sums to fund new projects, plus ongoing royalties, connecting them more deeply with invested fans.

This represents a mutually beneficial model – fans support artists, and artists reward fans, all while reinventing how music rights can be leveraged for revenue. UMTs are the future bridge between music creators and supporters.

Single music copyright registration provides a simplified process for registering a single piece of music on CopyrightChains, which secures the song’s rights for the creators.
Multiple copyright registration extends the simplified process and adds tradeable CopyrightShares to the roster…
Each registration cements the provenance and immutability of a Copyright registration with the split amongst the creators as the basis.
Add the supply of CopyrightShares, and the service will automatically send them to the different creators according to their split. These shares are available for lease in NIM’s marketplace.