Swedish Songwriters

Swedish songwriter/producer Maria Marcus has made a multi-platinum career as a writer and producer for others, mainly in countries like Japan and South Korea.
With over 12 million sold albums, she continues to write and produce for artists like Red Velvet, Monsta X, Everglow, The Boyz, Happiness, Sudannayuzuyullu, Exile Tribe, Namie Amuro, and many others.
She also appears as a featured artist on various projects, such as FERR’s “And Then You Came”. Moist “Hearts Burn Slow” and “High On You” with Ferry Corsten.

Didrik Thott is a multi-platinum certified songwriter and singer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has sold millions of records writing songs for top international artists in the USA, Europe, and Asia. In 2013, he won the JASRAC Foreign Work Award for the song “Rising Sun” by Exile. He has collaborated with writers and producers such as Savan Kotecha, Carl Falk, Lindy Robbins, Mitch Allan, Coffee Jr, Chris Braide, Busbee, Guy Chambers, David Gamson, Mattman & Robin among others.

Selected Playlists

Swedish songwriters have long been pivotal figures in shaping the global music landscape, blending distinctive creativity with a deep understanding of pop sensibilities. Renowned for their sophisticated songwriting skills and innovative production techniques, they've been behind some of the most iconic pop songs of recent decades.