Internet Music offers a decentralized Internet where those who create the value also capture the value.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?


Your copyright will be registered with provenance in an immutable way on a secure blockchain.


You can offer your copyright to investors for a limited time. Internet Music has raised (so far) $150 million out of a total of $750 million to invest in royalties streams.

Superior expertise

We have over 250 years experience in the music- and related technology industries. You are in good hands…

Be seen!

Internet Music is designed to provide an affordable solution for music producers and songwriters to bring their creativity to the 21st-century online music market.

Be heard

By cleverly interfacing with all current social networking and major marketing channels Internet Music is able to give unparalleled access to the widest possible global markets.

Be successful!

Traditional definitions of musical success no longer apply in today’s evolving industry climate. Internet Music is  leveling the playing field by maximizing the royalties flow.